Glogging about Animals

Welcome back!

This week I discovered an amazing web 2.0 tool called Glogster. The easiest way to describe Glogster is an online poster maker, but that really doesn’t do it justice. When you (or your students) create these “glogs,” you can add text, pictures (either your own or from the internet), videos, audio, and even documents!

The possibilities for use in the classroom are endless. Students could use Glogster as a place to store research, they could create book reports, share what they did on a field trip, explain to another student how to solve a math problem. There are tons of pre-loaded templates or you can create your own. How cool right?

Needless to say, I spent a lot of time this week thinking of how I could integrate this amazing new tool into my lessons.

My third grade students are getting ready to start a research project on endangered animals. I choose this project because the Next Gen Science standards (LS 4-3, 4-4) discuss how habitat effects an animal’s ability to survive. I was thinking of ways to get my students excited about this project and that’s when it hit me…create a glog.

Here is the glog I created as an anticipatory set to get the students excited about this project. The glog contains pictures of endangered animals and a brief statement about the dangers they are facing. I also included two videos for the students to watch to explain the seriousness of this situation. My students will be able to explore the glog independently and then choose which animal they want to research. This covers the first steps in our inquiry process (LM Standards: 1.B.1.a, 1.B.2.a) I was even able to attach some project directions to the students on the glog!

Check it out and let me know what you think?

Endangered Animal Glog


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